Ta-ra a bit Mum

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We said goodbye to Mum yesterday. The sun shone brightly which felt entirely appropriate – the merest glimpse of sunshine was usually enough to have Mum heading for the garden. We were surrounded by people who had loved Mum and people Mum had loved in return, including her second family from The Firs. We swapped stories of Mum before dementia’s grip took control – we celebrated a life well-lived.

The service began at 11 as we joined a national moment of silence for the victims of the horrific, senseless attack in Manchester. It was a timely reminder that, although we were grieving for Mum, she had lived a rich and, until relatively recently, a fulfilling life. Many who attended a pop concert on Monday have been denied that opportunity.

We left the church to Perry Como’s Magic Moments.

“Time can’t erase the memories of those magic moments, filled with love.”

So, Mum, ta-ra a bit. The fight against dementia will go on, in your name and in the names of so many, many others.

I’ll miss you, we’ll miss you.




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3 Responses to Ta-ra a bit Mum

  1. Izzyoo Amertash says:

    Bless you… I think we are not far behind you now… mum has been admitted to hospital with dehydration
    Just a few days after her birthday when she was looking incredibly tired… bless her

  2. Sue says:

    Dear Duncan and Fiona it was an honour to be present to celebrate your lovely Mum’s life back in Blakedown where I remember her being such a busy, active and cheerful member of the community. My wider family were with you in spirit too old now for long journeys but it was very poignant coming home with the beautiful order of service to them here. There was real sadness and quietness here on my return, memories of such a lovely family friendship and contemplation of that. Blakedown and the Worcestershire countryside looked beautiful in the May sunshine as if remembering and celebrating a kind and happy life well lived and full of sunshine.The service reflected that beautifully and your wonderful address celebrating her life made us all smile through sorrow-she would have been so proud of you all.

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