An Emmerdale Christmas

I’m not a great viewer of television soaps and the last time I watched Emmerdale, it was still a farm and Amos Brearly, a man with tv’s most impressive mutton chops, ran a pub called the Woolpack.

And there ends my knowledge of the programme which, apparently, has been on air since 1972. But, although I have missed nearly all of the seven-and-a-half thousand episodes, I’m going to watch it again this week. A prominent character has developed Vascular Dementia and his experiences form the main Christmas plot-line. It will be very interesting to see how the story unfolds and although it is not exactly a jolly festive storyline, it is timely. Christmas can be a very challenging time for families affected by dementia.

The last time Mum spent Christmas Day with us was six years ago. Since then, December 25th has begun with a visit to her care home, a tradition which I’ll maintain later this week.  I’ll hope she might open the presents we’ve bought her but I know she probably won’t. It’s a far cry from family Christmases when my sister and I were growing up or indeed the times Mum and Dad spent with us more recently, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing Mum.



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