How Old?

Mum wasn’t at her best when I visited this week. Getting her out of a chair to move to another part of the home and then encouraging her to sit down when we get there seems more of a challenge with each visit. Her confusion is greater these days – the little monologues which mean nothing to me more frequent.

But we still sang and laughed. Mum is 80 next February, something I mentioned to her in passing.

“Who’s 80 next year Mum?”

“I don’t know. (Pause, long pause). You?”

So there you have it. Though I say it myself, I’m not ageing too badly.

When things are a little bleak and Mum appears distressed, laughter – usually at my expense – isn’t far away.

Now to plan my 80th birthday party…..



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I am a coach and mentor, a charity trustee and a journalist. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.
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2 Responses to How Old?

  1. Sue says:

    This is heartbreaking yet also lovely in your gentle humour and your Mum’s tentative response to you. How can that be? Much love to you all. Sue xxxx

  2. Thanks Sue. Heartbreaking is absolutely right, and yet there’s still something there. xx

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