We Watch You Slip Away

A few days ago, I listened to a song for the first time. I might have heard it before – as it was on my iPod I must have done – but I hadn’t listened to it. It was written by a very talented musician Kate St. John and performed by the remarkable Peggy Seeger on her album Everything Changes which she recorded in 2014 at the age of 79.

The song is called We Watch You Slip Away and was written by Kate about her mother. Since   Mum was diagnosed in 2009, I have read or dipped in to a library’s-worth of books, reports and, latterly, broadcasts but I’m not sure I’ve come across anything which speaks more clearly to me. It is, simply,  a beautiful piece of work. It’s about “….a whole life lived, forgotten, veiled and pushed aside… .”

And the line which clutched at my heart?

“I did not know what goodbye meant until you walked away.” (Copyright: Kate St.John).



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2 Responses to We Watch You Slip Away

  1. Michele says:

    Oh dear young Duncan I’m so sorry to hear this about your beautiful mother Angela AZ never seen baby photos of you when I was only 11 in 73 I knew the lifelong they didn’t know it yet or your father, David Bowie. Your mother was such a stylish woman and so beautiful and I dare say you look a lot like her as well and I share in your struggle and grief then my mother never made it to dementia as she passed away when I was 9 just about to turn 10 and she only 40. I don’t share this information in search ifsympathy as I’m sure you know being the kind caring lovely young man that you are. Just want to let you know that 44 years later at the age of 54 it has been a comfort to me to hold strong my love for my long since passed on mother. Happily, I can see you first and have a long or you don’t good for you! Angela Barnett Bowie also herself One in a Million. God bless you all.
    Your father’s uneding love’s kept me alive simply utterly countless moments hours days weeks years and decades since March 1973…and still today for surely I would have gone to join my mom above. REALLY. Thank you Duncan for sharing this lovely post about your mother I just discovered you here on Twitter and just started Twitter today.
    Michele Lane
    Sherman Oaks, in suburban
    Los Angeles, California

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