She’s Still My Mum, Isn’t She?

I’m just back from a visit to Mum. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks because the care home has been closed by a bout of sickness which had taken a full toll on residents and staff alike.

Mum didn’t recognise me as I walked towards her. I’m getting used to that feeling now. A smile and a cheery wave is normally enough to coax a response from her and it was today. It was a busy morning at the home, with barely anywhere to sit together so we retreated to Mum’s bedroom.

The room is decorated with photographs, memories of happy, happy times.

cropped 2 copy

Mum is smiling in all of them. Whenever I think of times gone by, Mum is always smiling. I looked around the room at the photos and then at Mum in front of me. I was looking at two different people.

I call this blog She’s Still My Mum because she is, and always will be. And yet, she isn’t the Mum I grew up with. The face is familiar but the person is, for most of the time, a stranger. Every week I visit a stranger and when, last week, I couldn’t visit, I missed it.



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7 Responses to She’s Still My Mum, Isn’t She?

  1. misifusa says:

    Giving you a heartfelt hug. I understand. ♥

  2. Sue says:

    She is still smiling in these photos Duncan. Thinking of you both and sending the Davies family love xxxxx

  3. Stena Riches says:

    I too understand. Hug her while you still can, because she really is still your Mum. ❤️

  4. Thanks Stena. Sometimes I still see Mum but it’s getting harder x

  5. Sue Davues says:

    Hi Duncan just shown my Mum and Dad your post. My Mum has just said, very tellingly I think, how proud your Mum would be of you to know you were being so very attentive to her.

    With love to you all from the Davies family xxxxx

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