That’s Duncan

Two words – how precious. I’ve said before that I’m so happy that Mum still seems pleased to see me but while she recognises my face, I’m not absolutely sure she knows why. I’m normally introduced by a member of the care team:
“Janice, Duncan’s here,”

but yesterday, Mum was in the small sitting room, watching the film of one of her favourite musicals, Oklahoma, with another resident. I walked in as Ado Annie was telling everyone she was a girl who couldn’t say no.

“Hello Mum.”

Mum smiled and laughed, always an encouragement.

“Who’s this?” asked Mum’s companion.

I caught my breath. What would Mum say?

“Who?” Mum’s response was slightly less encouraging this time.

“Who’s this?” Mum’s Oklahoma buddy repeated.

“That’s Duncan.”

Mum might have sounded slightly uncertain, or is that me over-analysing again? But she knew my name, without any prompting. In the words of another song which Mum passed on to me in days gone by, Little Things Mean A Lot.





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I am a coach and mentor, a charity trustee and a journalist. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.
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One Response to That’s Duncan

  1. Andrew Caspari says:

    There is a lovely Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday for the charity Methodist Homes and their work using music therapy. Their Facebook post was the one I read before reading this. Strange if rather good coincidence.

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